Some Salient SDI Prophesies Revisited


Dr David Coleman, president-elect of the GSDI...

Public Sector Information Policy


Prof. David Rhind, Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI), UK discusses some of the drivers of policy. 

National Spatial Data Infrastructure Takes Root in Asia

National Spatial Data Infrastructures (NSDI) continues to expand and grow across Asia....

SDI still Evolving

Are we already beyond SDI 2.0?  David Coleman, president-elect of GSDI Association ponders this question.

Android is Leading Smartphone Operating System

The Nielsen Company reported that Android (29%) appears to be pulling ahead of RIM Blackberry (27%) and Apple iOS (27%) in the marketshare battle for smartphone operating systems.

Driving Global Collaboration

GIM International interviews Abbas Rajabifard, the president of the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association.

Seabed mapping in Northern Australia

Geoscience Australia's month long seabed mapping survey revelaed.

Mapping Project Exploring Solar Technology

Geoscience Australia has started a new project exploring Australia's ability to generate solar power in Australia.

GPR data georeferencing using photogrammetry

GPR data georeferencing using photogrammetry and digital maps anyone? The guys at coordinates have another interesting read.

GEO-spatial data accuracy and its legal implications

The guys at Co-ordinates have an interesting article on GEO-spatial data accuracy and its legal implications

Deep Water Uncovered

New Zealand creates the most up-to-date bathymetry

Brisbane in 3D

A look at Brisbane City Councils 3D City Modelling

The Votes are in

An interactive map of how Australians voted in the 2010 federal elections

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