OWS-9: WMS 1.3 Client Certification

LISAsoft supported the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) in making uDig the OGC’s client reference implementation for the WMS 1.3 standard.



The OGC runs a Compliance and Interoperability Testing Program designed to verify applications comply with OGC standards. In the OWS-9 testbed, the OGC added client testing to their Test, Evaluation and Measurement Engine for the first time.

LISAsoft was hired to apply the newly created WMS 1.3 client conformance tests against the uDig Open Source desktop GIS application, and in doing so set up uDig as the client reference implementation for the WMS 1.3 standard.

In this project, LISAsoft identified and fixed an issue in the uDig application, and identified issues with the reference WMS server. LISAsoft also recommended a number of improvements for the OGC’s client testing strategy in order to improve the relevance and applicability of OGC’s testing program.

This project demonstrates LISAsoft’s practical and innovative experience applying OGC standards, and our experience building Open Source software.